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Zildjian ZAT0054-LE Limited Edition 400th Anniversary Classical Tee, Size XL

This limited edition Zildjian 400th Anniversary design celebrates the entry of Zildjian cymbals into popular music. During the mid-to-late nineteenth century, composers such as Berlioz and Wagner begin featuring an abundance of cymbals in their compositions and requested that only Zildjian cymbals be used. It was during this time that cymbals achieved an important and permanent position in orchestras. Inspired by a Turkish tapestry from the same era, these silhouetted illustrations of orchestral percussionists celebrate this milestone.


Model: ZAT0054-LE


T-Shirt Size



With names like Dave Grohl, Steve Gadd, and Questlove on their artist roster, Zildjian is undoubtedly one of the top players in the drumming industry. Zildjian is not only one of the oldest cymbal manufacturers in the world with a nearly 400-year history, but also one of the oldest corporations overall. It moved from Turkey to America, where it now resides, partly in order to communicate with and learn from the many outstanding drummers who also inhabited that continent.


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