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Suzuki C-20-F F Key 10 Hole Olive Diatonic Harmonica


It features some of the best components from different SUZUKI harmonicas, put together to a world class musical harmonica. It is like a combination of the Promaster model and MANJI model. The new Suzuki Olive C-20 model is a favorite among experienced players for the superior tone and smooth response. The Suzuki C-20 model, is made of a resin comb material contains more than 50% wood fibers. Comes with a drawstring microfiber bag in a box. Replacement Reed Plates are available.

Suzuki’s latest 10-hole diatonic combines features from their best selling Promaster diatonic and from the comparatively recent Manji. The first thing that strikes you upon taking the harmonica from its nifty drawstring pouch is the beautiful metallic olive green finish of the covers – a finish applied directly to the stainless steel, so there is no paint to wear through or flake off (the picture above really doesn’t do it justice – you really need to see one of these in person). The covers are shaped like those of the Promaster and feel both sturdy and comfortable in the hand and the mouth. The Reed Plates are 0.8mm plated brass with spot-welded phosphor bronze reeds, secured with 8 Phillips head screws. The comb is similar to that used on the Manji, a composite of resin and wood fibres, the only difference being that the Olive’s comb is dark coloured.


Model: C-20F