Pearl PF505EUS Quantz Jr. Series Student Flute


Pearl PF505EUS Quantz Jr. Series Student Flute

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Young starting player often have difficulty holding a full-sized flute which can cause discomfort in the neck and arms. The curved headjoint reduces the distance to the keys making it possible for a young flutist to hold the instrument without having to reach beyond his or her capabilities to play more comfortably. The 505EUS models are available with Off-set or In-line and with or without E-mechanism, and models including additional straight headjoints are also available.



Model: PF505EUS

Availability: Out of stock
  • Curved and straight head joints
  • Silver plated
  • Pointed cup arms
  • Closed hole
  • C-foot
  • Offset G without split E mechanism
  • Includes case

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