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Drum & Percussion

Pearl SN1320C Ultra-Sound Snare Wires

The Ultra Sound Snappy changes the tension of the wire by curving the inside of the end plate, and produces different tones and responses.

Size: 13″, 20-Strand, With string tension, With the SN-1320C rug, the “C” means a milled strand holding plate, which makes the middle strands a little looser, Optimal effect for rock music and metal snare drums


Model: SN1320C



Since 1946, Pearl has produced musical instruments in Japan. Founder Katsumi Yanagisawa changed the company's emphasis from percussion instruments to drums in 1950, and a few years later added Timpani, Latin percussion, and marching drums. Since that time, Pearl have become increasingly successful. Pearl has established a reputation that is as reliable as their equipment and is a favourite among professional players all over the world, including Dennis Chambers, Ian Paice, and Joey Jordison to name a few.