Laney LX120RT LX Series 120-watt 2×12 Inch Guitar Combo Amplifier


The LX120RT is ready to hit the stage hard. With 120 watts of power, a broad spectrum of tones and twin 12” HH speakers, it delivers on stage or rehearsal time and time again. Clean and Drive channels both have their own independent 3 band EQ for more variation between sounds. The Drive channel also features switchable XTS tone shaping for an instant scoop to the mid and a boost to key frequencies. On-board reverb can also be dialled in to add ambience to the tone. Available in black and red.


Model: LX120RT


MP3/Aux in

On-board reverb

1 x Extension speaker connection (4 Ohm min)

FS2-MINI available as an accessory

Independent 3 band EQ

Radical XTS tone shaping

120 Watts

Clean & Drive

Loaded with 2 x 12" HH Drivers

Item dimensions: 453mm x 674mm x 273mm (HWD)

Carton dimensions: 520mm x 725mm x 335mm (HWD)

Item weight: 18.5kg



Laney is amplifier royalty; the British company has been at the forefront of amplification since 1967, creating some of the most memorable guitar tones of all time, beginning with endorsements from Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant and Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath). Today, their product line is as wide as its history, ranging from all-tube Lionheart amplifiers to versatile solid-state amps like the LG, LV, and LX series.