Laney DB200-210 2×10 HH Blue Label Plus Horn Bass Amplifier Combo

The Digbeth DB200-210 combo offers vintage appeal and ultra-modern functionality in a compact format. The DB200-210 delivers a range of FET & Tube tones not previously available, in a super compact, powerful and portable bass amp. Why Digbeth?… it’s where were we born, with a bass in our hands!


Model : DB200-210



Item dimensions

580mm x 440mm x 325mm (HWD)

Carton dimensions

645mm x 535mm x 420mm (HWD)

Item weight




Laney is amplifier royalty; the British company has been at the forefront of amplification since 1967, creating some of the most memorable guitar tones of all time, beginning with endorsements from Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant and Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath). Today, their product line is as wide as its history, ranging from all-tube Lionheart amplifiers to versatile solid-state amps like the LG, LV, and LX series.