Hercules GS414BLT Single Guitar Stand with Plexi Auto Grip System, Limited Edition

The HERCULES limited edition PLEXI AGS Guitar Stand GS414BLT features the Auto Grip System (AGS) yoke, Instant Height Adjustment Clutch and Specially Formulated Foam (SFF) rubber on all contact points.The PLEXI AGS Structure with polycarbonate reinforcement bolsters ultimate pressure endurance and shatter resistant performance. Accommodates more neck sizes from 40 mm – 52 mm (1.57” – 2.05”).The attached N.I.N.A. (Narrow Instrument Neck Adjustment, HA301) are specially designed to increase the thickness of AGS arms to accommodate narrow neck instruments from min. 28 mm (1.10”) like banjos and mandolins.The Instant Height Adjustment Clutch with Locking Pin adjusts stand height quickly, easily and securely.The upgraded feet maximize the friction against ground surface to provide strongest support to the instrument.


Model: GS414BLT



950 mm – 1150 mm (37.4" - 45.2")


1.8 kg (4 Ibs)

Base Radius

310 mm (12.2")

Load Capacity

15 kg (33 Ibs)

Folded Size

710 mm x 155 mm x 110 mm (27.9" x 6.1" x 4.3")


1 pair N.I.N.A.