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Free The Tone FF1Y Future Factory RF Phase Modulation Delay

“Creation of a new sound” ― this was the motto for the development of FREE THE TONE “FUTURE FACTORY” FF-1Y. Many digital delay units that implement a modulation function have been introduced to date. In general, the phase of a low frequency oscillator (LFO) used in these modulation circuits changes regularly at a preset cycle. However in our “FUTURE FACTORY,” we succeeded in creating a new modulation sound with a unique method in which signal’s phase changes at random when the signal crosses a certain attenuation level. This creates an unprecedented effect in which a fluctuating spacious sound seems to float in the air. (This function works best when used in Stereo mode.)



Model: FF1Y


Number of presets


Input impedance

min. 500 kΩ

Output load impedance

min. 10kΩ

Max. input level

INST +3.5dBu / LINE +11dBu

Power supply

9V DC center negative polarity