DiMarzio DP287F Utopia Neck F-spaced, Satin Gold Balck


DiMarzio DP287F Utopia Neck F-spaced, Satin Gold Balck

RM740.00 RM666.00

Designed for Steve Vai’s signature Ibanez PIA guitar, the UtoPIA Neck pickup features a custom laser-cut baroque style cover over a gold patterned layer.

Using the Evolution  Neck as the basic platform, the UtoPIA Neck was designed to focus more on the low-end response of the guitar while adding thickness and body to the top end. The challenge was to still deliver the harmonics for which the Evolution is known. Upper mid-range frequencies were also dialed back to produce a less aggressive attack and provide more control. The UtoPIA Neck boasts a big, bold low end and thick top end.

Available in F-spacing only.




Availability: In stock
Quick Connect : No
Wiring : 4 Conductor
Magnet : Ceramic
Resistance : 12.68 kOhm
Year of Introduction : 2020

A perfect choice for bright guitars that favor an upper mid-range peak, the UtoPIA Neck will level out uneven frequencies. Great for coil-splitting in combination with the UtoPIA Middle. The UtoPIA Neck is also a great choice for the bridge position when looking for something to balance with a lower output neck pickup.


500K Volume Pot, 500K Tone Pot, .022 uF Capacitor

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