DiMarzio DP175W True Velvet Neck Pickup


DiMarzio DP175W True Velvet Neck Pickup

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The DiMarzio True Velvet single-coil electric guitar neck pickup is all about nailing that vintage single-coil tone while avoiding the ice-pick high frequencies that can accompany them. Engineered to be emphasize the “sweet spot” where the highs are bell-like, the True Velvet uses a special magnet stagger to avoid that harsh tone you can get above the 12th fret on the higher strings. And Sweetwater guitarists love how it covers any musical genre. Get that vintage single-coil tone without the nail-in-the-ear highs with the DiMarzio True Velvet neck pickup.



Model: DP175W

Availability: In stock
Item model number DP175W
Wiring 2 Conductor
Magnet Alnico 5
Output 130
Resistance 6.21 Kohm
Color White


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