DiMarzio DP175SW True Velvet Middle Pickup


DiMarzio DP175SW True Velvet Middle Pickup

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It’s not difficult to make a vintage single-coil pickup that’s clean and bright, but not so easy if you also want the high strings to sound sweet above the 12th fret. The True Velvet was designed to make this happen by tuning the coil to a frequency range that’s bright but not thin. DiMarzio combined this with a magnet stagger specifically designed to enhance string balance, which produces great clarity, even with full chords. The True Velvet Neckand Middle models have the same specs except for reverse polarity on the middle pickup for hum cancellation in the 2 and 4 positions. The True Velvet Middle comes standard with hand-ground magnets and vintage cloth-covered wire.



Model: DP175SW

Availability: Out of stock
Recommended For Middle Position
Quick Connect No
Wiring 2 Conductor
Magnet Alnico 5
Resistance 6.21 Kohm
Year of Introduction 2008
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