DiMarzio DP173BK Twang King Bridge Pickup


DiMarzio DP173BK Twang King Bridge Pickup

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The DiMarzio DP173 Twang King Telecaster Bridge Pickup is amazing. When DiMarzio set out to design a pickup that delivers stunning vintage Tele sound, they knew they had to go beyond merely copying a 40-year-old design. Sporting controlled-tension coil winding, special wire, and hand-calibrated magnets, from ppp to fff, the Twang King serves up pick-attack response like you’ve never experienced in a single-coil. Of course, the Twang King is wax-potted twice for squeal-free performance. If you’re a Tele twanger, get the bridge pickup that nails it: DiMarzio’s DP173 Twang King.



Model: DP173BK

Availability: Sorry, this product is currently unavailable. Please contact us for the latest information or an alternative available.
Item model number DP173BK
Wiring 2-Conductor
Magnet Alnico 5
Output 198mV
Resistance 8.07Kohm
Type Single-coil


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