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Drum & Percussion

Donner EC6716 DED-500P Electronic Drum Set

The Downbeat Pro eDrum set by Donner is a top performing set that includes a real moving HH and stand. The next Level 2 ply Mesh Drumheads feel great and dynamic tracking is spot on with years of durability. The Bass Drum tower and pedal give drummers a solid performance. Moving HH for those that want the feel of swooshing Hihat cymbals. The Downbeat has more sounds than any other module in this price range with the ability to customize, you will not run out of options. USB to connect with computer recording software, and much more for professional work. Customize your tone with adjustable effects, EQ and compression. It comes with 948 different sounds, 72 drum kits, and 15 pre-loaded songs.


Model: EC6716