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Remo BB-1322-00-SMT Emperor SMT Clear Drumhead BB13, 22-Inch Diameter

The Emperor SMT Clear bass drumhead is a pre-muffled design featuring Sub Muffl Technology. It is constructed with 2-plies of 7-mil and 5-mil Clear film, and an externally mounted dampening profile with free-floating acoustic foam. It enables the head and drum shell to maintain full sound characteristics with additional attack and low-end frequencies. SMT technology allows a broad tonal spectrum of tuning ranges with controlled high and mid frequencies coupled with deep, powerful low tones. It is a new industry standard and one of the market’s most musical and versatile pre-muffled bass drumheads. Ideal for live and recording applications. Available in sizes 16″ through 24 inches.


Model: BB-1322-00-SMT




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Many people believe Remo to be the largest manufacturer of drum heads worldwide. They have over 60 years of experience in the drum industry and have a history of innovation and passion that has positioned them among the top drum manufacturers. They have been producing drum heads for modern drummers, percussionists, and everyone in between for decades. They have even diversified into making their own ethnic percussion and distinctive drum shells. They take pride in using traditional and environmentally friendly manufacturing methods, with all production taking place in the USA.