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Laney LFR-412 2600 Watt 4X12 Inch Devin Townsend Artist Powered Amp Cabinet, Each

Designed in collaboration with – the legendary – Devin Townsend. The LFR-412 features LA⋅IR -Laney Advance Impulse Response technology – that uses 56bit FIR filters to provide stunning cabinet emulation. The LFR-412 ships with two stunning IRs designed and used by the legendary, Devin Townsend. The USB connectivity allows players to load their own IRs, if they so wish and the supplied LA⋅IR-LFR app allows for further fine tuning. Housing the IR in the cabinet frees up much needed processing power within the player’s digital rig, allowing for even greater creativity and reliability. In short, the LFR-412 does the heavy lifting.


Model : LFR-412


Item dimensions

820mm x 770mm x 365mm (HWD)

Item weight


Carton dimensions

920mm x 880mm x 480mm (HWD)

Carton weight




Laney is amplifier royalty; the British company has been at the forefront of amplification since 1967, creating some of the most memorable guitar tones of all time, beginning with endorsements from Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant and Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath). Today, their product line is as wide as its history, ranging from all-tube Lionheart amplifiers to versatile solid-state amps like the LG, LV, and LX series.