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Laney IRF-DUALRIG212 IRONHEART Series 60-Watt, IRF-DUALTOP + IRF-CAB212, Limited Edition

The IRONHEART FOUNDRY series has taken the sheer power and dynamism of our IRONHEART tube amps and smelted and forged their characteristics to deliver monstrous power and incredible versatility in an ultra-compact form. The IRF-DUALRIG212 consists of the incredible IRF-DUALTOP packaged with a custom designed GS212FE cabinet. Created to deliver all the IRF-DUALTOP’s tone and flexibility. Loaded with a pair of custom designed HH 1260 drivers delivering 60 Watts RMS @ 8 Ohms. All wood, open back construction, black metal corners and a 6.3 mm jack give it a professional sound and feel. You will not be disappointed.


Model : IRF-DUALRIG212


Item dimensions

775mm x 430mm x 230mm (HWD)

Carton dimensions

1025mm x 515mm x 310mm (HWD)

Item weight




Laney is amplifier royalty; the British company has been at the forefront of amplification since 1967, creating some of the most memorable guitar tones of all time, beginning with endorsements from Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant and Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath). Today, their product line is as wide as its history, ranging from all-tube Lionheart amplifiers to versatile solid-state amps like the LG, LV, and LX series.