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Recording Tools

Mackie MAINSTREAM Adaptive Digital Mixer with 6 Multi-Function Programmable Control Keys

When you’re streaming live, the last thing you want is to end up menu diving on your computer. MainStream gives you tactile control over levels, plus a row of programmable keys for triggering samples and transitions. Mackie MainStream features an HDMI input with a video capture card (1080p x 60 fps) and pristine HDMI passthrough for your monitor (4K x 60 fps) so you can stream live and game at a high quality. It’s a shame what happened to the radio star, but it’s time to move on. Consolidate and streamline your entire setup with two USB-C inputs for extra cameras, USB microphones, thumb drives, and any other USB devices you want to connect to your live streaming computer while only taking up one port. It wouldn’t be Mackie without high-quality analog audio. In addition to the main mic input (+60 dB), MainStream includes a chat headset input, smartphone input for live streaming phone calls, headphone output and stereo line outs that are perfect for speakers.