Ernie Ball P02618 Magnum Slinky Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings, 12-56 Gauge

The powerful Ernie Ball EB2618 Magnum Slinky 12-56 are a full set of 6 guitar strings suitable for electric guitar and provide the best tension for heavy riffs and chords even with drop tunings. However, the tones produced are not unsuited for smooth, jazzy rhythms. These legendary strings leave listeners awe-struck with brilliant highs, rich basses and is cherished by players for its varied selection of thicknesses. The rock’n’roll standard for excellence.

Ernie Ball EB2618 Magnum Slinky 12-56 specifications:

  • set of 6 guitar strings for electric guitar
  • gauges: .012, .016, .022w, .032, .044, .056
  • material: steel
  • finish: nickel wound
  • item number: EB2618


Model: P02618


Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball has provided countless guitarists with the strings they need to perform at their best for almost half a century. Ernie Ball makes the strings you need, from their classic Slinky line to modern high-intensity choices, long-lasting acoustic formulations, and beefy bass sets.