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Recording Tools

Hercules MH200B Pop Filter, 155mm Diameter

The Hercules MH200B Pop Filter is a versatile and effective tool that will improve the quality of your vocal recordings. The double-layered mesh screen reduces high frequency sibilance and plosive ‘pop’ noises, giving you professional sounding audio at the point of recording. Get it right the first time instead of trying to “fix it in post”, or rest easy knowing your live audio feed is sounding great – with this quality pop filter from Hercules.

With its easy-to-use vice-style grip, and 340mm flexible gooseneck, the MH200B will have no trouble fitting into your recording set-up. Whether you’re attaching it to a microphone stand in your home studio or to the edge of your desk for use with your podcasting desk-mic, this pop-shield will immediately improve the quality, clarity, and professionalism of your vocal recordings.

Model: MH200B