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Drum & Percussion

Remo PX-0113-BP Coated Powerstroke X Drumhead, 13 inch

Powerstroke P3 X Coated drumheads feature outstanding overtone and sustain control with the highest durability of any 1-ply drumhead on the market. Constructed with 1-ply of 14-mil Coated film with a 2-mil inlay ring, Powerstroke P3 X Snare heads provide controlled tones and volume for contemporary Rock, Funk and R&B applications. A perfect medium between the Powerstroke Coated and Emperor X. Available in sizes 13″ – 14″.

Model : PX-0113-BP



Many people believe Remo to be the largest manufacturer of drum heads worldwide. They have over 60 years of experience in the drum industry and have a history of innovation and passion that has positioned them among the top drum manufacturers. They have been producing drum heads for modern drummers, percussionists, and everyone in between for decades. They have even diversified into making their own ethnic percussion and distinctive drum shells. They take pride in using traditional and environmentally friendly manufacturing methods, with all production taking place in the USA.