Guitar Effect & Pedal

  • NUX Rivulet Chorus Pedal

    Old-school Analog Chorus has always been warm but it was hungry for dynamic completion. NUX's modern-tech DSP yields a perfect combination of both worlds: analog and digital.     Model: RIVULET
  • NUX Monterey Vibe Pedal

    NUX Monterey Vibe, born to recreate the grand, yet complex, psychedelic rock guitar sound of the 1960's and 70's.     Model: MONTEREY VIBE
  • NUX Masamune Booster & Kompressor Pedal

    Both pedals are now available in one convenient metal housing, and it comes with selectable signal routing.  The Boost Section comes with Boost Level, Drive, and Hi-Cut controls.  The Compressor Section comes with Komp Level, Sustain, Blend, and Clip controls. The Masamune has an external foot-switch jack Input, you can easily operate the pedal by using an additional remote switch.     Model: MASAMUNE
  • NUX Mod Code Deluxe Modulation Effects Pedal

    Mod Core Deluxe is a fully-featured pro-quality modulation effects pedal.  Add-in Rate and Depth controls to adjust main parameters and Tweak control to manipulate key parameters for each effect, and you get more tone-shaping options than you’ll ever find in a modulation pedal. It has 8 modulation effects with 2 types of algorithms fitting every musician's needs for sound improvement and colorization.     Model: Mod Core Deluxe
  • NUX MG-20 Guitar Modeling Processor Pedal

    NUX MG-20 comes loaded with 60 beautifully-crafted and newly assembled DSP effects, plus 16 of the most preferred and realistic amp/cabinet emulators. And equipped with high quality essential guitar sounds like overdrive, distortion, compression, EQ, delay, reverb and all modulation effects such as Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Tremolo and more.     Model: MG-20
  • NUX MG-100 Multi-Effects Processor Pedal

    NUX MG-100 offers all guitar effects, including a variety of distortion, compression, modulation, delay, reverb, amplifier and cabinet models. And it comes with a user-friendly interface which you can reach the main controls easily by using Gain, Level and Master knobs on the front. High-Resolution TFT LCD screen allows you to control and adjust everything clear and precise. It's all about sound. Add in 13 great sounding guitar amps modeling, 58 effects with the ability to use up to 8 of them simultaneously and 11 cabinet models. Plus 56 built-in rhythm accompaniment patterns and an onboard chromatic tuner and loop station, and take your guitar playing to a next level.     Model: MG-100
  • NUX MFX-10 Multi-Effects Processor Pedal

    MFX-10 Guitar Modeling Processor.     Model: MFX-10  
  • NUX Metal Core Deluxe Distortion Pedal

    Metal Core Deluxe is a digital distortion pedal that offers you ultimate metal guitar tone! The new algorithm with NUX original TSAC Technology nails the tone from extremely hard pushed tube amplifiers. With its two metal voices and sensitive EQ, you are able to get the tone for old school metal or modern metal with tight low-end. Its built-in Noise Reduction keeps the pedal quiet even at very high gain setting.     Model: METAL CORE DELUXE
  • Electro-Harmonix Switchblade, Passive Channel Selector Pedal

    Switch your signal between two different amplifiers, two different pedal boards or two different speaker cabinets. Flexible channel switching built into a compact die-cast case.     Model: SWITCHBLADE
  • Electro-Harmonix Muff Overdrive, Muff Fuzz Reissue Pedal

    Reissue of the original 1969 Muff Fuzz. Crank up your amp and dial back the guitar volume and you have the perfect rhythm overdrive. Adds just a touch of funky dirt with an edge. Sounds like a vintage tube amp with a worn but warm speaker.
  • Electro-Harmonix Memory Toy, Analog Delay With Modulation Pedal

    Electro-Harmonix Memory Toy is a compact analog delay that takes its heritage from 1970’s Memory Man and the legendary Deluxe Memory Man. Like the Memory Boy, the Memory Toy is based on the Deluxe Memory Man analog circuit. A modulation switch allows quick access to lush analog chorus.     Model: MEMORY TOY
  • Electro-Harmonix Micro Metal Muff, Distortion With Top Boost Pedal

    Electro Harmonix gave you an instant classic in the Metal Muff with Top Boost. The Micro Metal Muff offers the same heavy metal sound in a smaller, easier to use package.     Model: MICRO METAL MUFF
  • Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff, Distortion With Top Boost Pedal

    Electro Harmonix gave its total effort to design the best heavy metal pedal ever built. The Metal Muff utilizes three powerful EQ bands, including a midrange control designed for perfect contouring and beautifully sculpted mids. The Metal Muff offers commanding bass and defined high end coupled with user-controlled distortion from pinched edge to totally crushing making it a heavy metal gold mine.     Model: METAL MUFF
  • Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail, Reverb Pedal

    The Holy Grail is Digital Reverb in a compact guitar pedal. It contains three different reverb algorithms: Spring, Hall, and Flerb. All three algorithms were designed and tailored for the electric guitar but they will work equally as well on most instruments and voices. The Spring algorithm is a recreation of the classic spring reverbs that are found in many guitar amplifiers. The Hall algorithm is a new, lush reverb. Finally Flerb is a beautiful reverb like nothing you have heard before and may help you play your instruments in new ways.     Model: HOLY GRAIL  
  • Electro-Harmonix #1 Echo Pedal

    Electro-Harmonix has a reputation for quality delays and the #1 Echo is a prime example. The tone is ultra high quality up to two seconds of maximum warm analog-sounding delay. The feedback control sets number of repeats and how fast they fade. The blend control lets you adjust the balance of echo volume with straight through signal, putting your sound exactly in the pocket you want.     Model: #1 ECHO  
  • MESA/ Boogie Tone Burst Pedal

    The Tone-Burst Boost/Overdrive offers a virtually transparent gain range usually associated with “clean” boost pedals. However, the Tone-Burst has enough gain to boost your guitar to the threshold of clip and slightly beyond, making it far more useful for a variety of applications. It’s incredibly powerful for adding boost, drive and/or EQ to any guitar and amp combination. Whether using it as a utility to boost the output of single coils to match a humbucker or as a subtle overdrive when a standard overdrive may be too much, the Tone-Burst is an incredibly useful and expressive pedal that makes the best things sound even better!     Model: TONE BURST
  • MESA/Boogie Throttle Box Pedal

    The Throttle Box Distortion serves up all genres of Rock with cut and aggression, but retains the signature warmth and organic sonic quality found in all the amplifiers. While its main strengths lie in higher-gain sounds, it is quite versatile and it’s lower gain options shouldn’t be overlooked for classic rock or howling blues. The Throttle Box also features a unique Mid Cut that scoops out midrange to produce the signature Boogie “V” EQ-curve that so many artists have employed in the amps to create the world’s heaviest guitar tones!     Model: THROTTLE BOX
  • MESA/ Boogie Grid Slammer Pedal

    The Grid Slammer overdrive pedal produces a variable boost in gain over a wide range with a classic, guitar-centric midrange bump that enhances many different playing styles. It’s a true overdrive “specialist” that covers an amazing array of what many top players consider the most expressive and musical ranges of overdrive. From sweet, subtle breakup to a harmonically smoldering overdrive that can both sting and sing, the Grid Slammer sets a new bar in legendary overdrive!     Model: GRID SLAMMER
  • MESA/ Boogie Throttle Box EQ Pedal

    The Throttle Box EQ combines the enhanced tone shaping power of our popular Boogie Five-Band Graphic Equalizer with footswitchable HI/LO performance Modes and easy “Top Panel” access to the previously internal BOOST feature of the original Throttle Box.     Model: THROTTLE BOX EQ
  • MESA/ Boogie Five-Band Graphic Pedal

    The legendary Boogie Five-Band Graphic EQ is now available in a Pedal! For well over four decades the Boogie Five-Band Graphic EQ has been at the heart of chart topping guitar sounds and it’s hard to ignore the impact its now-classic “V-Curve” has had on modern guitar sounds and popular music. Now Mesa/ Boogie offers this powerful tool in a stand-alone pedal format that packs the same tone-shaping power and hand-built in Petaluma, CA quality as those found in our high-end amplifiers.     Model: BOOGIE FIVE-BAND GRAPHIC
  • MESA/ Boogie Stowaway Input Buffer

    The Stowaway is compact 100% discrete Class-A Input Buffer solution designed to remedy a whole array of Input challenges caused by a variety of issues. From impedance loading and mismatching, to changes in a pickup’s character and response as a result of varying effect pedals’ input impedance and interconnecting cables’ capacitance, the Stowaway provides the stable, consistent load your instrument needs to sound as intended. While the Stowaway's footprint is small,  allowing it to be mounted on the most crowded of pedal boards, its Feature Set is professional and comprehensive. If your signal does any significant traveling, bring along a Stowaway to guard your Tone.     Model: STOWAWAY
  • MESA/ Boogie Clearlink (Send) Buffer

    The Clearlink (Send) Line Driver is designed to compensate for losses in Tone due to increased capacitance in long cable runs. With a high quality buffer and +12dB of available output gain, it has the ability to drive cable runs of up to 330 Ft./100M before noticeable degradation, when added in-line on the feed from Pedal Board to Amplifier. When combined with a Stowaway Input Buffer on the Instrument, the Clearlink Send forms an “Effects Loop” for the Instrument-Pedal Board-Amp signal chain that will reclaim the integrity of your sound through boosted levels and buffering or impedance matching. Whether used by itself, or with the Stowaway as a comprehensive “Front End” solution, it will provide the needed “stable impedance source” to ensure the pieces in your rig “communicate” well. It can be used for balanced signals via two different output jacks; standard 3-pin XLR or ¼” TRS. It also supports unbalanced signals via the standard ¼” mono jack. If you’re going to send your signal on a marathon, make sure you have a clear link to communicate, because you don’t want your Tone lost in translation.     Model: CLEARLINK SEND  
  • MESA/ Boogie High-Wire Dual Buffer & Output Boost

    The High-Wire is Dual Buffer and Line Driver in a one-stop solution that addresses both Input and Output challenges in the same space saving chassis. Between Instrument and pedals, it provides a stable, consistent load for your guitar’s pickups, ensuring your signal arrives at the first pedal intact and full of Tone. From Pedal Board to the amplifier, it not only buffers the signal, ensuring optimum impedance loading and performance, but also allows for increased signal levels for extra long cable runs via the built-in Line Driver (Footswitchable Boost) feature. As with the Stowaway, all buffer circuitry is 100% discrete Class-A. The High-Wire also incorporates a fixed +3dB Boost on a top mounted mini-toggle. The Footswitch is Dual Function and allows both the variable Boost when hit once and a Mute when held for a second. The High-Wire is the ultimate all-in-one Pedal Board signal loss remedy and will remove your tightrope Tone walk once and for all.     Model: HIGH-WIRE
  • MESA/ Boogie Switch Track Buffered & Dual Isolated ABY Switcher

    The Switch-Track enables an either-or-both, ABY scenario for your two favorite amplifiers. Select between two different amplifiers, two identical amps for more Channels and sonic options or combine them for a bigger, fuller sound, or a specific blended character.      Model: SWITCH-TRACK
  • Laney TI-Boost Pedal

    The TI-BOOST is a simple pedal – it has a Drive and a Volume control, along with the ability to dial in the Low and Hi frequencies as well as a mid-switch that gives you a couple of different Mid frequency options. The pedal functions in the same way as Tony’s legendary modified Range master – with a significant bass cut and mid boost, but it included a little more gain and EQ options to make it more appealing to more players looking to find their own sounds. The TI-BOOST gives you the guitar tone recognised for decades around the world by millions.     Model: TIBOOST
  • Laney FS2-Mini Pedal

    A Laney FS2-MINI offers a compact solution to switching up to two functions on an amp. Designed to fit on a small fly board or a crowded pedal board this small compact pedal offers years of reliable switching and includes an LED to show the pedals status.     Model: FS2-MINI
  • Laney FS1-Mini Pedal

    A Laney FS1-MINI offers a compact solution to switching a single function on an amp. Designed to fit on a small fly board or a crowded pedal board this small compact pedal offers years of reliable switching and includes an LED to show the pedals status.     Model: FS1-MINI
  • Dunlop MXR Analog Chorus Pedal

    The Analog Chorus uses bucket-brigade circuitry to create classically lush, liquid textures that you just can't get with digital circuitry. Rate, Level, and Depth controls, as well as knobs for cutting High and Low frequencies allow ultimate tone control. Like all MXR pedals, the Analog Chorus comes in a heavy-duty housing with durable jacks and switches for a lifetime on the road.     Model: M234
  • Dunlop MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay Pedal

    Go from crisp bathroom slap echoes to epic, Gilmouresque delays with the MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay. Featuring 600ms of delay time with optional modulation, and a three-knob layout that controls Delay, Mix, and Regen. In addition, there are two internal trim pots that offer user-adjustable width and rate control of the modulation for even more tonal options. All done by a completely analog audio path for authentic rich, warm analog delay-made possible only by old-school analog bucket brigade technology. True bypass.     Model: M169
  • Dunlop MXR Dyna Comp Compressor Pedal

    The Dyna Comp Compressor is one of the most popular compressors of all time. Whether you want to tighten up your signal, add rich sustain, or create the percussive and clicky sound heard on numerous hit records, this pedal is straightforward and easy to use. For these reasons, the Dyna Comp Compressor has been the secret weapon on countless pedalboards for years.     Model: M102
  • Dunlop MXR Phase90 Pedal

    For more than four decades, the MXR Phase 90 has been a mainstay on the pedal boards of millions of players around the globe. This little orange box went on to become the sole icon of its effect category, and countless legendary riffs have benefitted from the sonic qualities of this pedal. No matter the genre or instrument, the Phase 90 has been there through it all to add its distinctly lush voice to a musician's tone palette. With the twist of the Rate knob, you can take the Phase 90's warm modulation from subtle, spatial shimmer to all-out high velocity swooshing.     Model: M101
  • Dunlop Cry Baby Standard Wah Pedal

    The Cry Baby Wah is the most iconic guitar effect in music history. When it hit the scene in 1966, it added a whole new layer of expression to the electric guitar-players such as Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton used the Cry Baby Wah to create some of the most timeless sounds in rock. The GCB95 is a modern interpretation of that sound, featuring the lush, expressive character of the legendary red Fasel inductor with a more focused high end and a more aggressive and accentuated wah sound. With a heavy-duty die-cast housing and a sturdy pot, the Cry Baby Wah will withstand years of playing.     Model: GCB95
  • Dunlop Cry Baby Mini Wah Pedal

    The CBM95 Cry Baby Mini Wah doesn't skimp on tone or usability. It comes equipped with the legendary Fasel inductor, a full sweep range, and three internally adjustable voicings-Low, Vintage, and GCB95. At half the size of a standard Cry Baby pedal, the CMB95 is perfect wherever space comes at a premium, such as on a travel board. To top it off, this pedal features true bypass switching and high quality hardware so that it can take a beating on the road. Save precious space without sacrificing tone and put a Cry Baby Mini Wah on your pedalboard.     Model: CBM95
  • Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini Pedal

    New For 2015, Ibanez knows your pedalboard real estate is valuable. Here's a Tube Screamer made to help you manage that hallowed ground. Same legendary pedal. Same legendary tone.     Model: TS MINI
  • Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer Pedal

    The Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer electronics_effects Pedal features the same circuit as a TS9 Tube Screamer and also offers 3 new settings for increased low end crunch: +, Hot, and Turbo.     Model: TS9DX
  • Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer Pedal

    The Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer is a reissue that's just like the original in so many ways. Same housing, same famous seasick-green paint, and the same crankin' overdrive that made the original one of the all-time classic pedals. Guitar Player called it the best. Plug it in. Crank it up. You'll hear what all the fuss is about. Tone, drive, and level controls.     Model: TS9
  • Ibanez TS808DX Tube Screamer Pedal

    For over 30 years the Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer has been one of the most popular overdrive pedals in the world. The unmistakable little green stomp box has been a perennial favorite, cherished by rocks most celebrated guitarists for it's warm, creamy tone and unequivocal responsiveness. Now Ibanez has expanded the palette of "The Screamer" with the new TS808DX. Simply put, this new version is two pedals in one: A true TS808 Overdrive, featuring the JRC4558D IC for that signature soft, subtle clipping sound, and a boost circuit, capable of adding up to 20db at the tap of a switch. The pedal incorporates two individual, true bypass switches for total independent control, allowing the Overdrive and the Booster to be used separately or in conjunction with each other. Add the Boost for a few extra db while playing through the Overdrive circuit, or just engage the booster on its own for that little extra lift while playing clean. A toggle switch allows for the choice of placing the Boost Pre or Post the Overdrive section and a rear panel switch offers the option of 9-volt or 18-volt operation, It’s the Screamer you know and love, taken to a whole new level.     Model: TS808DX
  • Ibanez Super Metal Mini Pedal

    •Edge, Punch, Drive, Attack and Level controls •True Bypass •Power Supply: External AC adapter (Use only DC 9V (Negative center pin))     Model: SMMINI
  • Ibanez Nu Tubescreamer Pedal

    The Ibanez Nu Tubescreamer is the very first compact guitar electronics effects pedals to incorporate a Nutube directly into its circuitry. This pairing of Ibanez's Tube Screamer with KORG's Nutube technology, has produced an overdrive with exceptional dynamics, improved sensitivity, and natural tube compression. *KORG and Nutube are trademarks of KORG INC.     Model: NTS
  • Ibanez Chorus Mini Pedal

    •Depth, Speed and Level controls •True Bypass •Power Supply: External AC adapter (Use only DC 9V (Negative center pin))     Model: CSMINI