Guitar Cleaning & Care

  • Planet Waves Instrument Care Kit

    • High quality travel case
    • Non-slip protective body mat
    • Includes 3-step polishing system, Hydrate fretboard cleaner, Headstand, Microfiber polishing cloth, Fret polishing system and XLR8
        Model: PW-ECK-01
  • Planet Waves Untreated Polish Cloth

    • Made from high-quality double napped cotton flannel
    • Picks up dust and dirt more effectively than ordinary polishing cloths
    • Long Lasting
    • Essential for complete guitar care
    • Machine washable
        Model: PWPC2
  • Planet Waves Pre-Treated Polish Cloth

    • Made from high-quality double napped cotton flannel
    • Cleaner built into the cloth so there is no need for extra polish
    • Long Lasting
    • Essential for complete guitar care
    • Cleaning made fast and easy
        Model: PWPC1
  • Planet Waves Micro-Fiber Polish Cloth

    • Traps particles deep inside its fibers
    • Eliminates the need for cleansers
    • Lasts longer than ordinary cloths
    • Can be washed and re-used
        Model: PW-MPC
  • Planet Waves LubriKit Friction Remover

    An easy to use lubricant for friction points including the nut and string saddles for all string instruments. Friction is the root cause of many tuning problems. Just a drop of LubriKit removes the friction so you can play in tune. It comes in a syringe style applicator along with two swabs for making it easy to get into tight spaces. Just a drop in each nut slot and string saddle allows the strings to glide effortlessly, preventing friction that can cause strings to bind and go out of tune. LubriKit can also be used for all contact points with floating bridges and string height adjustment screws.
    • Drastically improves tuning stability
    • Combats string breakage
    • Ends premature wear at bridge and nut
    • Increased sustain and overall performance
        Model: PW-LBK-01
  • Planet Waves XLR8 String Lubricant & Cleaner

    Lubricates and cleans your strings for faster playing and longer life. Simply wipe the easy to use applicator up and down your strings and enjoy the frictionless feel of the strings allowing you to play faster while also experiencing less finger noise and enhanced tone. Packaged in an airtight metal tin that will prevent XLR8 from drying out prematurely.     Model: PW-XLR8-01
  • Planet Waves Fret Polishing System

    Contains 5 sheets of reusable fret polishing paper and includes a polishing template to place over the fretboard during polishing.
    • Cleans and polishes frets making them shine like new
    • Removes tarnish from frets
    • Improves tone and feel of instrument
    • Works on all instruments with frets
        Model: PW-FRP
  • Planet Waves Shine – Spray Cleaner

    • Spray cleaner and maintainer
    • Keep your finish looking like new
    • Erases dust, fingerprints, and minor imperfections
    • Brings out the natural color and beauty of your instrument
    • Step 3 of a 3 part restoration system from D'Addario
        Model: PW-PL-03
  • Planet Waves Protect – Guitar Wax

    • Natural protectant and sealer
    • Quick and easy application
    • Produces a distinct radiance
    • Safe on all clear coated instruments
    • Step 2 of a 3 part restoration system from D'Addario
    • Not designed for use on matte or natural finished instruments
        Model: PW-PL-02
  • Planet Waves Restore – Detailer

    • Designed to cut through the toughest grime
    • Safe for all clear coated instruments
    • Polish out swirl marks
    • Help remove minor scratches
    • Step 1 of a 3 part restoration system from D'Addario
    • Not designed for matte or natural finished instruments
        Model: PW-PL-01
  • Planet Waves Hydrate Fingerboard Conditioner

    • Cleans and conditions fingerboards
    • Unique formula removes dirt and grime
    • Restores natural moisture to fretboards preventing drying, cracks and other damage
    • Will not cause build-up
    • Easy to use spray bottle
        Model: PW-FBC
  • Planet Waves Lemon Oil

    • Natural cleaner and conditioner protects your guitar
    • Removes dirt, grease, and wax build up
    • Helps condition your instrument to resist dryness
    • Extends the life of instruments
    • Recommended for use on unfinished woods
        Model: PW-LMN