Electric Guitar

  • Ibanez Steve Vai JEM7V, White

    “Some guitars are built for performance, some for aesthetic. These instruments are the best of both worlds… and perhaps the universe!”
    – Steve Vai –



    Model: JEM7V-WH

  • Music Man St. Vincent Electric Guitar, St. Vincent Blue

    Envisioned and designed by St. Vincent with support from the award-winning engineering team at Ernie Ball Music Man, the unique electric guitar was crafted to perfectly fit her form, playing technique and personal style. Crafted in Ernie Ball Music Man’s San Luis Obispo, California factory, the St. Vincent signature is available in black or custom Vincent Blue, a color hand-mixed by Annie. New colors for 2017 include Polaris White, Heritage Red, Tobacco Burst, and Stealth Black. Featuring an African mahogany body, Ernie Ball Music Man tremolo, gunstock oil and hand-rubbed rosewood neck and fingerboard, St. Vincent inlays, Schaller locking tuners, 5-way pick up selector with custom configuration and 3-mini humbuckers, the guitar also comes complete with Ernie Ball Regular Slinky guitar strings.



    Model: 850VBRW02

  • Ibanez Paul Gilbert PGMM31, White

    “When I pick up my Ibanez Fireman, I know that everything is going to be all right. It is truly a pleasure to be able to express my anger, explore my melodic imagination, and simply play good rock and roll, with such a world-class instrument.”
    – Paul Gilbert –



    Model: PGMM31-WH

  • Ibanez Marco Sfogli MSM1 Premium

    “My Ibanez MSM is all I need to play a number of different styles, from pop to rock to extreme metal. It simply delivers all the tones that I may even imagine with uncommon ease and authority, and it looks stunning as well. Couldn’t have asked for better, I seriously love it!”
    – Marco Sfogli –



    Model: MSM1

  • Ibanez George Benson LGB30 Hollow Body, Vintage Yellow Sunburst



    Model: LGB30-VYS

  • Ibanez Joe Satriani JSART2, #12

    The JSART guitar project has once again proved to be an exciting and profound artistic experience for me. It represents my successful partnership with Ibanez Guitars in the most creative way.


    I illustrated every instrument by hand, bringing my collection of strange and hooky characters to life in both black-on-white and full-color. The new artwork achieves an extraordinary three-dimentional quality on the white JS bodies. The brilliant high gloss finish captures the light perfectly and makes each drawing look animated.


    Each guitar features a one-of-a-kind set of drawings designed to surprise, inspire, and make a bold original statement. I’ve signed each one on the back so you know it is an authentic, original work of art.


    I hope you enjoy owning and playing your one-of-a-kind JSART guitar, and, yes, they should be played!


    – Joe Satriani –



    Model: JSART2-#12

  • Ibanez Steve Vai JEMJR, White

    “Some guitars are built for performance, some for aesthetic. These instruments are the best of both worlds… and perhaps the universe!”
    – Steve Vai –



    Model: JEMJR-WH

  • Ibanez Kiko Loureiro KIKOSP, Transparent Emerald Burst

    “I am very happy to be a part of the Ibanez family! There is a mix of many different musical influences in my playing style, so I need my guitars from Ibanez to be well-rounded in order to cover everything I want to do on the guitar. Ibanez and I worked for a long time on these models, going over many different neck shapes and body shapes before deciding on what works best for me as a player, and I feel that we have nailed it with the KIKO models. I really happy and excited about my new signature Ibanez KIKO models, and I hope that you are excited too!”
    – Kiko Loureiro –



    Model: KIKOSP-TEB

  • Ibanez Herman Li EGEN8, Platinum Blonde



    Model: EGEN8-PLB

  • Ibanez Andy Timmons AT10P, Sunburst



    Model: AT10P-SB