Guitar Effect & Pedal

  • Danelectro D6 FAB Flanger Pedal

    Regen, Speed, and Depth knobs give you mad-scientist control over your tone. Large foot button and on/off LED. Cool retro-futuristic design is small and tough with a rubber base. Runs on 9V battery or optional 9V DC adaptor.   Controls for Depth which adjusts the amount of flange, Speed which adjusts the speed of the flange, and Regen which adjusts the amount of feedback. Powered by a 9 volt battery. Connect an instrument cable from your guitar to the Danelectro FAB Flange pedal, a second from the FAB Flange to your amp, and learn what flanging is all about.     Model: D6
  • Danelectro D4 FAB Slap Echo Pedal

    The new Danelectro FAB Series of effects pedals represent the absolute in performance for price. These pedals produce sound effects that are unparalleled in effects pedals costing twice as much.   The stripped down FAB Echo Guitar Effects Pedal is made with Danelectro's famous fun attitude. The stripped-down FAB Echo pedal has everything you need and nothing you don't. Mix and repeat knobs give you plenty of signal control while a big button lets you punch it in and out. The FAB Echo effect's Cool retro-futuristic design is tough and small with nonskid rubber base. Runs on 9V battery or optional 9V DC adapter.     Model: D4
  • Danelectro D3 FAB Metal Pedal

    Loads of midrange and high-frequency output will take your metal tone to wicked new levels. Unleash harmonic squeals and massive amounts of sustain with ease. Level, Tone, and Gain knobs provide simple yet effective control.   The Danelectro FAB D3 Metal Effects Pedal combines bold looks and brutal high gain sounds to leave an imprint on your guitar tone. Plug it in, turn on and wait for the eruption from this rounded, and well balanced D3 distortion pedal. This D3 pedal cranks out heavy hard metal.     Model: D3