Tama PBB22 POWERPAD Bass Drum Bag


Tama PBB22 POWERPAD Bass Drum Bag

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POWERPAD Series Drum Bags are heavy-duty bags built for transporting your kit safely and securely. These bags are made with a special semi-hard cushion consisting of four separate layers, each made from unique materials, to protect your valued equipment from damage. The inner surface features a soft flannel material that prevents scratching, while the outer surface utilizes high density nylon with a water-repellent finish. The bass drum bags features handles on the top and bottom, as well as the side of the bag, for more convenient carrying.



Model: PBB22

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  • 18″x22″ Bass Drum
  • Durable four layered structure to protect the drum in transportation.
  • A soft fur material to protect scratching.
  • Easy-to-understand size tags.
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