Kurzweil SP1 88 Key Stage Piano


Kurzweil SP1 88 Key Stage Piano

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• 16 instrument sounds in 4 categories:
– Piano: 4 Acoustic Piano sounds
– Keyboards: 2 Electric Piano sounds, Clav, Organ
– Strings/Pads: 2 String Section sounds, 2 Synthesizer Pad sounds
– Other: Brass, Winds, Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass
• 5 Favorite buttons for saving instrument sounds, combinations and EQ/FX settings
• 3 band Master EQ
• 4 FX with controls: Reverb, Chorus, Tremolo, Delay
• Split, Layer, and Dual instrument settings
• Audio In jacks for playing along with an MP3 player or other external audio device
• 256 voices of polyphony
• External Control section for controlling external MIDI instruments
• MIDI In/Out ports and USB ports for connecting to external MIDI equipment



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Keyboard: 88 note, fully-weighted hammer-action with velocity sensitive keys
Display: 3 digit LED
Polyphony: 256 voice polyphony
Multitimbral: 16 parts (one per MIDI channel)
Quick Split/Layer: Easy access with adjustable relative volume
Factory Programs: 16
Favorites: 5
General MIDI: No
String Resonance: Yes
Effects: Reverb, Chorus, Tremolo, Delay, EQ
Controllers: 1 pitch wheel
1 modulation wheel
4 front panel category volume knobs
2 transpose switches
1 switch pedal* input (sustain)
1 continuous control pedal input (expression/volume)*(1 switch/sustain pedal is included)
Analog Outputs: (2) 1/4″
Analog Inputs: (2) 1/4″
Headphones: 1 back-panel 1/4″ headphone output
MIDI: In, Out
USB: • Two USB ports (one A port / one B port)
• Complete MIDI functionality over USB for connecting to/from an external computer sequencer
• Operating System updates from PC/Mac/Flash Drive
FREE OS Updates: OS updates over USB and/or Flash Drive
Included Accessories: Power adapter, Switch pedal, USB cable
Height: (5.75″) (14.6cm)
Depth: (15″) (38.1cm)
Length: (52.5″) (133.35cm)
Weight: (27.25 lb.) (12.3 kg)
Power: External Power Supply, 15VDC 2.5A