SlapKlatz PRO Pink Damper Gels


SlapKlatz PRO Pink Damper Gels

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When SlapKlatz decided to do a pink edition of SlapKlatz PRO, They found that it would be obvious to ask super drummer and SlapKlatz endorser Anika Nilles if she liked the idea. Fortunately, she loved the idea! In fact she loved the idea so much, that SlapKlatz decided to feature her on the front of the packaging.


As with the other versions of SlapKlatz Pro, SlapKlatz Pro Pink gives you the same fantastic possibilities for making those crucial adjustments to your drum sound. Only, with the pink version, you get the coolest looking translucent pink color added to your drums.




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6x Small (2 cm) pink drum dampeners
2x Medium (3 cm) pink drum dampeners
2x Large (4 cm)pink drum dampeners
1x Pro quality waterproof carrying case

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