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MESA/Boogie Subway Ultra-Lite 400-watt 12″ Bass Amplifier Cabinet


  • Designed & Handcrafted in Petaluma, California
  • Tuned Front Ported Tri-Port Porting with Aviation style bracing (superior strength/reduced weight)
  • Lightweight Italian Poplar Cabinets – Legendary Mesa Quality Construction
  • Custom Subway Neodymium Speakers & High Frequency Horn with Premium Attenuator
  • Combination Speakon & 1⁄4” Input and Parallel Output
  • Recessed, Flip-Out Metal Handles
  • Black Bronco Vinyl with Black Metal Grille
  • Lexan Corners
  • Slip Cover


Style type

Tuned Front Ported Tri-Porting™ (1 x 4.85" square x 4" deep / port area = 24.0 sq. in.)

High Frequency Horn


Nominal Impedance

8 ohms (only)

Average Mechanical Power (RMS) 50hz-1000hz

400 Watts

Low Freq F6 (Hz)

48.1 Hz

Transport Assistance

Optional (sold separately) - Track-Loc™ Removable Casters

Cabinet Internal Volume


Horn Control

Premium Attenuator

Minimum Impedance @Frequency

7.45 ohms (@ 50.8 Hz)

Minimum Mechanical Power (RMS) @Frequency

385 Watts (@ 74.3Hz)

Low Freq F10 (Hz)

41.5 Hz

Additional Features

Optional/Convertible Vertical Cabinet Orientation

Speakers Mounting Position

Subway Neodymium Speakers / Front Mounted

Inputoutput Connectors

2 x SpeakOn-1/4" (NL-4 combo)

Average Sensitivity (RMS) 50hz-1000hz


Low Freq F3 (Hz)

57.5 Hz

High Freq Response



Mesa Boogie

Mesa/Boogie amps have set the bar for what a great-sounding tube amplifier should be for decades. Known for their pure tube tone, adaptability, and player-friendly performance, these amps can be found on stages and in studios all throughout the world, and for good reason: the best pick the best. Mesa/Boogie continues to be the brand of choice for many pro players thanks to iconic designs like the Dual Rectifier, Mark Series, Lonestar, and Express.