MESA/Boogie Recto-Verb 25-watt 12″ Combo Amplifier, Wine Taurus

With the worldwide success of the Mini Rectifier Twenty-Five Head, Mesa was frequently asked to pack all that lightweight expressiveness into a Combo format so those needing a self-contained package could enjoy this mighty little amp too.


Introducing the Recto-Verb Twenty-Five Combo, the Reverb-endowed of the little Mini Rectifier lunchbox that’s been taking names all over the globe. This even mightier package is slightly larger – just big enough to accommodate a 1×12 speaker in the case of the combo. It boasts all the same great performance that the Mini Rec is famous for and more.


Amp Type


Variac PowerSwitch


Maintenance Free Fixed Bias


Rectifier Type

Silicon Diodes

Preamp Tubes

6x Mesa 12AX7

Rectifier Tubes


Built In Power Amp Attenuation


Power Amp Tubes

2x Mesa EL-84


Mesa Boogie

Mesa/Boogie amps have set the bar for what a great-sounding tube amplifier should be for decades. Known for their pure tube tone, adaptability, and player-friendly performance, these amps can be found on stages and in studios all throughout the world, and for good reason: the best pick the best. Mesa/Boogie continues to be the brand of choice for many pro players thanks to iconic designs like the Dual Rectifier, Mark Series, Lonestar, and Express.