Ritmuller RS160 Grand Piano

Ritmuller RS160 Grand Piano


Created by our European and American piano-design consultants, this spectacular grand piano incorporates the very latest in music design and technology.

The unusual shape of the rim of this grand piano allows expansion of the soundboard area producing a performance quality tone. This model has become the choice of many teachers and performers where space is a limiting factor.

Re-engineered with quality components, the range of upgrades includes a tuned, functioning duplex scale, a tapered solid spruce soundboard, new calculated string lengths, slow fall-board and much more. Precise tuning of the duplex has produced a sound that rivals that of much larger grand pianos.

A world class grand piano the RS 160 has great sound volume, immediate response, combined with great tuning reliability. This unique instrument is a pleasure to play with effortless touch.

Model: RS160

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Dimensions: 160cm (L) × 149cm (W) × 100cm (H)
Soundboard: Solid spruce, tapered & with wide-rim design for maximum speaking area and ideal bridge placement
Hammers: Mahogany heads, double-felted with premium German hammer felt for a warm singing tone
Action: Fully wooden (hornbeam) piano action, geometry re-designed by Lothar Thomma for the utmost control and fast repititions
Strings: Röslau German piano wire for a crisp tone that will persist through generations
Frame: Sand-cast pig-iron for a robust and powerful piano
Bracing: Radial spruce beams individually notched into the inner rim
Fall-board: Single-piece slow close fall-board to keep little hands safe