Paiste 12″ 900 Splash Cymbal


Paiste 12″ 900 Splash Cymbal

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Paiste cymbals have amazed the drumming world for over 100 years with their clarity, rich voice, and remarkable sustain — not to mention their handcrafted quality. The Paiste 900 Series 12″ Splash carries on that tradition with a fairly wide-ranging, full sound and the kind of responsive feel that many drummers are looking for in a splash cymbal. Around its glimmering hand-turned bell and across its pneumatically and hand-hammered bow, the Paiste 900 Series 12″ Splash will respond to your touch with lively intensity and a washy stick sound. It is a lightweight cymbal, generating medium-low to loud volume, and it accents well with a short sustain that decays quickly.



Model: 900SPLASH-12

Availability: In stock

Sizes: 12″
Weight: thin
Volume: medium low to medium loud
Stick Sound: washy
Intensity: lively
Sustain: short
Bell Character: integrated
Sound Character: Medium bright, short, full. Fairly wide range, clean mix. Responsive, explosive feel with quick decay. Well rounded, fast Splash for short accents in various music styles.

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