MESA Boogie 6L6 STR-440 Power Tube (Pair)


MESA Boogie 6L6 STR-440 Power Tube (Pair)

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The MESA® 6L6 STR 440 is our very best overall, premium grade, USA equivalent 6L6, and our tube of choice in the production of all new MESA 6L6 powered models. Remarkable bass definition, articulate mids and shimmering highs keep every note amazingly intelligible, with a smooth, creamy character. Leading structural quality provides exceptional consistency and reliability and is an outstanding choice for ANY 6L6 based amps and all styles of music. The STR 440 is a direct replacement for our out-of-production STR 420s and STR 430s.



Model : 6L6 STR-440

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