Korg MicroKEY 25 USB-Powered MIDI keyboard

Korg MicroKEY 25 USB-Powered MIDI keyboard


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The microKEY is a compact USB MIDI keyboard that’s ideal for the musician who wants to assemble a convenient and compact music production system. All models feature the acclaimed velocity-sensitive Natural Touch mini-keyboard found on instruments such as the microKORG XL+ and microARRANGER.

In addition to the existing 37-key model, the lineup has been expanded with the addition of a supremely portable 25-key model, and a five-octave 61-key model designed for performing keyboardists. In addition to the bundled software and discount coupons included with the 25 and 37-key models, the 61-key model comes complete with a license for the entire Korg Legacy Collection, giving access to soft synth versions of legendary and popular Korg synths and Music Workstations.





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  • USB MIDI keyboard – thin, lightweight, and USB-powered
  • Velocity-sensitive natural-touch mini-keyboard with excellent playing feel
  • Three models to choose from:
    – The highly portable 25-key model
    – The space-saving 37-key model that’s ideal for a production setup
    – The 61-key model for the performing musician
  • Octave Shift and Key Transpose features access the full MIDI note range
  • Versatile controls include arpeggiator buttons, sustain/tap button, and joystick (25 key)
  • Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels add expression to your performance (37 key, 61 key)
  • Plug and play computer connectivity; no need to install a driver
  • Can be connected directly to an iPad (25-key model requires the Camera Connection Kit)
  • Dual USB ports; ideal for adding Korg’s nanoPAD or other USB devices to your setup (37 key, 61 key)
  • A generous assortment of licenses and discount coupons for popular software titles is included
    A license is included for the “Korg Legacy Collection Special Bundle,” containing software versions of Korg’s classic synthesizers (61-key model only)
Natural Touch mini-keyboard
microKEY-25 =25 keys
microKEY-37 =37 keys
microKEY-61 =61 keys
microKEY-25 =Joystick, arpeggiator button, Sustain / TAP button
microKEY-37/61 =Pitch bend wheel, Modulation wheel
Octave Shift
microKEY-25/37 =-4~+4
microKEY-61 =-3~+3
microKEY-25 = USB: Type B (x1)
microKEY-37/61 =USB: Type A (x 2); Type B (x1)
USB bus power
Power Consumption
microKEY-25 = Less than 100mA
microKEY-37/61 = Less than 500mA
(W x D x H)
microKEY-25 =395(W)x 131(D)x 53(H)mm
microKEY-37 =565(W)x 139(D)x 54(H)mm
microKEY-61 =850(W)x 139(D)x 54(H)mm
microKEY-25 =0.65 Kg / 1.43 lbs.
microKEY-37 =1.0 kg / 2.21 lbs.
microKEY-61 =1.71 kg / 3.77 lbs.