Ibanez 5-String BTB1935 Premium, Black Ice Low Gloss


Ibanez 5-String BTB1935 Premium, Black Ice Low Gloss

RM7,450.00 RM6,705.00

Without a doubt, your instrument should equal the quality of your effort. At some point the word “boutique” comes to mind: Select-grade materials, neck-thru construction, and top quality components, all in a meticulously crafted instrument. But what about the price? That’s where Ibanez comes in. Ibanez ability to build small-shop quality into inspiring yet affordable instruments is showcased by BTB series basses.



Model: BTB1935-BIL

Availability: Out of stock
neck type BTB5 / 7pc Panga Panga/Purpleheart neck w/Graphite reinforcement rods / Neck-through
top/back/body Curly Maple/Walnut top / Curly Maple/Walnut back / African Mahogany wing body
fretboard Bound Panga Panga fretboard / Abalone off-set dot inlay
fret Medium Stainless Steel frets / Premium fret edge treatment
number of frets 24 (+ zero fret)
bridge MR5S bridge (19mm string spacing)
neck pickup Aguilar DCB neck pickup (Passive)
bridge pickup Aguilar DCB bridge pickup (Passive)
equaliser Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ w/EQ bypass switch (passive tone control on treble pot) & 3-way Mid frequency switch
factory tuning 1G,2D,3A,4E,5B
string gauge .045/.065/.080/.100/.130
hardware color Gold
strings D’Addario NYXL45130SL
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