Tama HP910LN Speed Cobra Single Bass Drum Pedal

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Tama HP910LN Speed Cobra Single Bass Drum Pedal

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Unprecedented Velocity. Serious Power. Minimum Work.

Designed to fuel speedy footwork, TAMA’s precision-engineered Speed Cobra pedal now enters a new era. The credo under which it was first forged: “Extreme Velocity. Serious Power,” has been honed to add yet another playing characteristic to its already daunting personality – Unprecedented Velocity, delivered with minimum work.



Model: HP910LN

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  • Long Footboard
  • Recessed Setting
  • Rolling Glide LiteSprocket
  • Accu-Strike Cobra Beater
  • Super Spring
  • Cobra Coil
  • Speedo-Ring
  • Oiles Bearing Hinge
  • Swivel Spring Tight
  • Vari-Pitch Beater Holder
  • Para-Clamp II Pro
  • Hardshell Carrying Case
  • Super Stabilizer Design
  • Hinge Guard Block