Conrad Götz Contemporary 112CT 4/4 Size Violin


Conrad Götz Contemporary 112CT 4/4 Size Violin

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Post-modern Design!
CONTEMPORARY Violins create new ways and performance. The Violin-series is open for modern interpretation. Minimalistic design in best quality.
The CONTEMPORARY Violin-series impresses with a modern design in black and silver. The Violins are equipped with an extra flat ebony chinrest for a versatile play and Thomastik Dominant Strings.
All Violins are hand-varnished in a reddish-brown shade. The varnish ist resistant and easyto preserve.



Model: 112CT

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  • The Violin is equipped in a modern design with the colors black and silver
  • Chinrest: extra flat ebony chinrest for versatile play
  • Bridge: Original Götz bridge with ebony-supported E-String
  • Götz “Bean-Shape” pegs in ebony
  • Fine tuner: black Götz precision fine tuner for E-String with silver tuning screw
  • Strings: Thomastik Dominant Strings, highly responsive and long lasting


  • Reddish-brown hand-varnished
  • Closed varnished surface with matt finish
  • Resistant and easy to preserve


  • Beautiful Narrow and aligned flamed back and sides
  • Selected gradient of annual rings on top
  • Carefully elaborated surface topography of top and botton
  • Specification-crafted to less then a millimeter for ribs, neck and scroll
  • In detail thoroughly crafted purfling
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