Seymour Duncan AS-1S Blackouts Strat Pickup Set

Seymour Duncan AS-1S Blackouts Strat Pickup Set


High output active Stratocaster pickup set that provides hot humbucker tone in a drop-in single coil size. Specifically voiced for heavy rock and metal. Their strong active signal is perfect for driving high gain amps and long effects chains. Crushing power chorded riffs and searing leads with screaming harmonics are always on tap. This complete three pickup set will transform any Strat into an intense heavy metal machine.Blackouts for Strat have a unique dual pin configuration on the underside of the pickup for two modes of output moderate and high-gain. The pins can also be wired to a mini-switch or pushpull, for an on board boost. These retrofit any standard single coil pickup route. Includes 25K pots, tone capacitor, stereo jack, battery clip and other mounting hardware.



  • DCR: 0
  • Magnet: Alnico 5
  • Cable: 1C + Battery Wire




Model: 11206-12-B

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