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Seymour Duncan 11828-86 Custom Shop Joe Bonamassa Cradle Rock ’63 Strat Pickup Set, Aged

Straight from the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop, these pickups re-create the famous and powerful tone hidden within Joe’s “Cradle Rock” Strat (named after a Rory Gallagher tune), an instrument that first magnetized him at the Philadelphia Guitar Show in 1994. Joe has since battle-tested these pickups at gigs throughout the world. How did Seymour Duncan bring this potent pickup set to light? Through details like period-correct winding, aged magnets, and color-matched covers.


Model: 11828-86


Seymour Duncan

American company Seymour Duncan is well-known for its bass and guitar pickups, as well as its effects pedals. They are a true powerhouse in the guitar industry, and Seymour Duncan himself serves as their CEO. Founded in 1976, it didn't take long for these to be combined with the Floyd Rose trem system and found in Kramer guitars. From there, these pickups spread quickly to instruments made by Fender, Gibson, Yamaha, CHarvel, ESP, Ibanez, Jackson, Schecter, and a plethora of other manufacturers.