• Kurzweil PC3K6 61 Key Production Station

    The PC3K’s 800+ programs include the Orchestral and Contemporary sound blocks, General MIDI (GM), Stereo Triple Strike Piano, Classic Keys for realistic vintage electric piano sounds and new String Sections. Multi‐zone performance setups are also provided; many of these setups use note triggers to play factory‐recorded songs that provide grooves and arpeggiation that make great templates for performance or recording. An on‐board sequencer with front panel transport buttons lets you record your ideas any time inspiration strikes. This sequencer (Song mode) lets you play back MIDI type 0 or 1 sequences, record and play back your own songs and record multi‐timbral sequences received via MIDI.   It has 128‐voice polyphony and is fully multitimbral, so that different programs can be played on each MIDI channel. There’s an on‐board digital effects processor providing multiple simultaneous effects, including real‐time effects control, internally or via MIDI.   The PC3K offers 128 megabytes of user sample memory. Samples can be loaded via USB from a thumb‐drive or directly from a computer, and samples remain loaded even while power is off. Once samples are loaded into the PC3Kʹs flash memory, there is zero load time for those samples when powering on the instrument.