Classical Guitar

  • Manuel Rodriguez C1 Classical Guitar

    A darker looking guitar compared with other classical guitars, especially because of its Red Cedar solid top. For the other parts, such as its headstock, sides and back, the material used is Indian Rosewood, and Eboiny for the fingerboard. The neck is made of Cedar. One of the best values, professional sound at an unbeatable price.     Model: C1
  • Manuel Rodriguez C11 Classical Guitar

    With the top made of solid Cedar, the most impressive feature of this piece is its back and sides, made of deep brown Walnut. Among the Nature finish of the whole piece, this wood gives the instrument a rarely seen color, because it is not commonly used.     Model: C11
  • Manuel Rodriguez C11 Electric Classical Cutaway Guitar, Neck Walnut

    This cross over version of the C11 model has the perfect balance between modernity and tradition. A nylon string guitar with dimensions and features closer to a steel string model. For many years, the classical guitar has remained almost unchanged. MR have decided to manufacture this cutaway version with a wide neck (44mm) allowing access to the higher frets and making left-hand play easier and wide stretches less daunting. You can choose the elegant and sober touch provided by Maple or the impressive and wild Walnut for its back and sides. This woods and the Nature finish give to the instrument a rarely seen look & feel, and a very special sound. For players ready for an instrument easy to play and allowing to create their music with less of a fight!     Model: Cutaway C11 Walnut