• Vemuram Myriad Fuzz Pedal

    A collaboration pedal with Josh Smith.   The Myriad Fuzz is a hybrid between a Silicon transistor and a vintage Germanium transistor. The range of the tone is very wide and has enough head room to control the fuzz tone from spitty fuzz to a smooth overdrive fuzz. The trimmer allows you to control the Germanium Bias with the FEEL knob which will affect the tone of the fuzz.     Model: MF
  • Vemuram Rage e Overdrive-Distortion Pedal

    The Rage e takes out all the flatness out of the conventional overdrive pedals and adds another dimension to the tone.  The brass body provides great shielding from the outside and enables a noiseless tone. The control trimmer on the upper side allows for an even more delicate control over the gain range.     Model: Rage e
  • Vemuram Mateus Asato Signature Jan Ray Boost-Overdrive Pedal

    A special Jan Ray model created under the supervision of Mateus Asato. It was brought to capture his ideal tone color without losing the integrity of the original Jan Ray sound. The total gain amount is increased with a slight compression added but still has the head room to it. Clear coated casing with the touch of pink for his signature color “Pink Gold".     Model: Jan Ray for MA
  • Vemuram Jan Ray Boost-Overdrive Pedal

    Designed to recreate the punchy clear tone of the Blackface Fender amps from the 60’s.  So-called the “Fender Magic 6” sound.  An easy to handle overdrive keeping the characteristics of the guitar, with great sustain without any unnatural compression.     Model: Jan Ray