MESA/Boogie Road King II 120-watt Amplifier Head

MESA/Boogie Road King II 120-watt Amplifier Head




Progressive Linkage provides five different all-tube power amplifiers which you can harness in any combination to the King’s four preamp channels to create – not a cyber mock-up, but the real, authentic circuits found in those classic amplifiers. The ultimate delivery of tonal variety.



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Amp Type Tube
Chassis Material Aluminum
Rectifier Type Channel Assignable, Dual Rectification (Tube or Silicon Diodes) allows you to select Silicon Diodes or Recto Tracking per Channel. Recto Tracking auto-matches the perfect Rectifier for the number of Power Tubes in use - It applies one Rectifier Tube when using two Power Tubes, 2 Rectifier Tubes when using 4 Power Tubes and applies Silicon Diodes when using all 6 Power Tubes
Rectifier Tubes 2x Mesa 5U4
Variac Power Switch Bold/Spongy Power Switch
Preamp Tubes 6x Mesa 12AX7
Power Amp Tubes 4x Mesa 6L6 & 2x Mesa EL-34
Bias Switch for Alternate Power Tubes Types See Power Amp Details
Maintenance Free Fixed Bias Yes
Wattage(s) Quick Reference 50, 100 or 120 Watts - Channel Assignable - See Power Amp Details for more information
Built-In Power Amp Attenuation n/a
Power Amp Details (Class & Wattage) Class A/B Power with Mesa's patented Multi-Watt Channel Assignable Power Amp with Progressive Linkage which allows you to select either 2x6L6, 2xEL34, 2x6L6+2xEL34, 4x6L6 or 4x6L6+2xEL34 for Power Ratings of 50, 100 & 120 Watts
Convection or Fan Cooling Fan Cooled
Number of Footswitchable Channels (or Modes) Four Channels
Number of Style Modes Twelve
Number of Style Modes Per Channel Three
Types of Style Modes Per Channel Ch. 1 = Clean, Fat or Tweed
Ch. 2 = Clean, Fat or Brit
Ch. 3 = Raw, Vintage High Gain or Modern High Gain
Ch. 4 = Raw, Vintage High Gain or Modern High Gain
Channel Controls Each Channel features Independent 3-Position Style Mode Switch, 5-Position Progressive Linkage/Multi-Watt Power Switch, Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence, Master, Footswitchable Reverb, Assignable Dual Rectification with Recto Tracking (Diode or Tube Tracking), Speaker Output Selector Switch (Speaker Out A, B or A+B), FX Loop 1 and 2 Assignment Switch (allows you to auto-assign each FX Loop to either come on or off when the channel is activated or be controlled via the footswitch)
Graphic EQ and/or Contour n/a
Reverb / Effects & Bypass Options Footswitchable, All-Tube, Long Spring Reverb with Independent Channel Controls (back panel)
Effects Loop & Bypass Options Two Fully Buffered Series FX Loops with one Send Level Control - Footswitchable, Channel Assignable per Channel or True Bypassable - See True-Bypass Options below for more information
Global Output Level Control Yes (Over all channels when activated) - See True-Bypass Options below for more information
Global Solo Level Control & Bypassable Options Yes (Over each channel when activated) - See True-Bypass Options below for more information
True-Bypass Options True-Bypass Switch removes FX Loops, Output & Solo Level Controls
Tuner Output Yes (back panel) with Footswitchable Mute
External Switching Jack Options and/or Midi External Switching Jacks for Channels 1, 2, 3, 4, Solo, Reverb, Loop 1, Loop 2 & Tuner Mute
Speaker Outputs On-board Speaker Switcher with Dual Speaker Outputs (A & B) each provide One 8 Ohm and Two 4 Ohm
Cabinet Simulation - Direct Live/Recording Output n/a
Headphone Output n/a
Slave Output Yes with Level Control
Weight 57 Lbs.
Dimensions 10 1/2" H x 27 3/4" W x 11 1/8" D

This seriously over-the-top Recto offers four discreet channels that each house an incredible three modes of hyper-tuned pre-amp expression. Yet, as if all this shaping power wasn't enough, the Road King goes on to revolutionize amplifier design by offering a unique dimension in channel switching: Progressive Linkage. This simple yet powerful concept allows you to assign different power amplifiers to each pre-amp channel...and footswitch between them.

You can match any power amp to each channel and create your own fleet of dedicated, all-tube amplifiers from input jack to speaker, from 30 watts to 120. The Road King even lets you assign a choice of speaker cabs per channel!

You can have huge, breathy 4:6L6 headroom for one channel and set up a snarling pair of EL-34's for an authentic English accent on another channel...and so on. There are five distinctive power tube combinations: some classic, some new-born, each inspiring in sound and feel, ranging from 30 watts to 120.


Imagine a bubbly clean sound, using the incredible dynamics of a 50 watt pair of tube-rectified 6L6s. Now footswitch to the threshold CLEAN BRIT voice on Channel 2, driving a pair of EL-34's for a chiming power clip. Or, if you need alternate clean sounds, set Channel 1 to TWEED and Channel 2 to FAT, choosing power amps for each that best suit your style.

Channels 3 and 4 each include RAW, VINTAGE and MODERN modes, just like the fabled Dual and Triple Rectos. But with the Road King you can combine each mode with any of five different power sections. For example, try strapping RAW to a pairing of EL's and 6L's for a snarling harmonic spread with British attitude. Or run VINTAGE, through four 6L6s, to cop the Dual Rec Solo Head exactly. And if you can stand more, hit MODERN through all six power tubes, diode rectified, for a new frontier in crushing gain.

These few examples offer a mere glimpse into the incredible domain ruled by the Road King with Progressive Linkage. Take the world tour of classic all-tube circuits from VINTAGE to MODERN and on into the future. Understand, the Road King IS what modeling technology wants to be. Not algorithm simulations, rather combinations of the original circuits, using the real technology, to create the actual amplifiers.

Colored LEDs on the front panel keep you informed of your channel selection and power combinations. But there's more to power than wattage and tube types alone. It's all about the feel. And part of providing a perfect power response is selecting the proper rectifier. This is the device that converts high voltage AC into Direct Current for the power tubes. And two of the Road King's eight patents cover the rectifier choices available and the way they track.


Recto-Tracking- Achieve the perfect amount of juicy rectifier sag for the number of output tubes in use. Here's how it works: When you select one of output tubes, either 6L6s or EL-34s, Recto Tracking brings up one 5U4 rectifier tube for enhanced low power bounce. When selecting two pairs of output tubes, both 5U4 rectifier tubes are engaged to support the increased power and retain the dynamic feel.

Just like the famed Dual and Triple Rectifiers, you can over-ride Recto-Tracking anytime by merely selecting the Silicon Diodes. And finally, selecting all six power tubes triggers the tighter sounding, more efficient silicon diode rectifiers to produce an authoritative 120 watts of headroom.


All-Tube circuit from the widely acclaimed Lone Star and the result is lush, ambient Reverb that blooms with sweetness as it bathes each note in old school glory. And because the Road Kings’ modes offer such a wide range of gain levels and sound styles, each Channel is fitted with a dedicated REVERB mix control located on the Rear Panel so Reverb can be optimized for each sound.

What would you rather play...a cyber mock-up? Or a fleet of real, hand-made, all-tube amps. The Road King is the new frontier, in authentic tube tone.