Guitar Amp

  • NUX Stageman 50-watt 6.5″ Analog Acoustic Guitar Amplifier


    Designed to accurately reproduce the natural sound of your acoustic guitar and vocals. The front control panel has 2 identical channels and both are optimized for microphones and acoustic guitar inputs respectively. The dual-input channels provide you with even more options for small gigs or studio recording.



    Model: Stageman


  • NUX Acoustic 30 30-watt 10″ Digital Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

    Designed for acoustic guitar singers that is faithful to the original tone of your beloved guitar. It has independent guitar and microphone channels. Each channel has its own volume, 3-band EQ and Chorus effect. With the anti-feedback function and Reverb effect, NUX Acoustic 30 is all you need for your next gig!


    • Guitar and microphone channels with independent volume, EQ and Chorus effects.
    • Built-in Tuner
    • Anti-feedback function
    • Reverb effect
    • AUX In jack for external music player
    • Line Out and Phone Out



    Model: Acoustic 30