Cables & Adapters

American Stage Instrument Cables

American Stage Instrument Cables are built from the ground up to ensure that nothing comes between you and your tone. The custom design reproduces full lows and rich highs, accurately transferring your tone with clarity and noise-free operation.

The in line solder process utilizes modern micro-flame technology and specially formulated RoHS compliant solder to create a permanent bond between wire and connector for unsurpassed strain relief and durability.

The connectors are designed to exacting specifications and are built with confidence by Neutrik in their state-of-the-art facility using the highest quality components available, and the innovative patented GeoTip provides a seamless and secure connection between your guitar and amplifier.

It all adds up to tone: the best materials, customized design, and precision manufacturing combine to deliver a truly unique, professional performance cable.

Straight to Straight


10 ft. – RM140
15 ft. – RM170
20 ft. – RM180
30 ft. – RM210

Right Angle to Straight


10 ft. – RM160
20 ft. – RM210

Dual Right Angle


10 ft. – RM170

Microphone Cable


10 ft. – RM210
25 ft. – RM270

Killswitch Cable

Momentary “Kill Switch” allows you to change an instrument live without fear of speaker popping or having to lower your stage volume.

Designed to reproduce the natural tones of your instrument with zero interference and oxygen-free copper conductor provides exceptional signal transfer.

  • Built in momentary “kill switch” for silent Instrument changes
  • Patented Geo-tip design ensures a secure connection in any instrument, pedal or amp jack
  • In-line soldering technology provides a superior connection and powerful strain relief
  • Chuck style cable clamp further improves strain relief
  • Available lengths: 10′, 15′ and 20′

Custom Series Instrument Cables

Custom Series cables utilize ultra-pure, oxygen-free copper conductors for low capacitance and pure tone. Encapsulated and impenetrable soldering points with double-molded strain relief provide maximum durability and worry-free reliability. Two layers of shielding provide 100% coverage for superior insulation and noise rejection, making this the ultimate, high-performance cable.

  • Gold-plated plugs ensure reliable, corrosion-resistant contact
  • Exclusive D’Addario overmolded connectors provide extra protection with unmatched strain relief
  • Special double-insulated/double shielded cable design provides the cleanest signal available while eliminating hum and triboelectric noise

Mono Twisted Pair


05 ft. – RM84
10 ft. – RM95
15 ft. – RM120
20 ft. – RM130
30 ft. – RM170

Stereo Twisted Pair


10 ft. – RM93

Right Angle Twisted Pair


10 ft. – RM90
20 ft. – RM130

Insert (Y) Cable


05 ft. – RM130
10 ft. – RM160

Patch Cable


1 ft. – RM57
2 ft. – RM64

Right Angle Patch Cable


6 in. – RM130

MIDI Cable


10 ft. – RM99
20 ft. – RM130

Custom Series Circuit Breaker Cables

The Circuit Breaker plug includes a momentary killswitch, allowing noise-free live instrument changes even at blaring concert volume.

Custom Series Microphone Cables

Oxygen-free conductors with gold-plated plugs and ultra-pure twisted pair configuration ensure totally pure sound and unrivaled noise rejection.



10 ft. – RM140
15 ft. – RM150
20 ft. – RM170

Right Angle


10 ft. – RM140
20 ft. – RM170

XLR Male to XLR Female


10 ft. – RM130
25 ft. – RM175

Swivel XLR Female
to Swivel XLR Male

10 ft. – RM150
25 ft. – RM200

Custom Series Speaker Cables

Custom Series Speaker Cables utilize ultra-fine, stranded, premium-quality 14AWG copper conductors for maximum signal transfer and flexibility.

1/4`` Speaker Cable


5 ft. – RM120

SpeakOn Speaker Cable


25 ft. – RM150

Swivel XLR Male to 1/4``


10 ft. – RM150

Classic Series Instrument Cables

Classic Series Instrument Cables utilize ultra-pure, oxygen-free copper conductors for low capacitance and pure tone. A single-molded strain relief plug provides durability and worry-free reliability. The 90% spiral shielding eliminates virtually all handling noise.

  • Special coxial cable design provides extra-clean signal and low capacitance.
  • Molded connectors provide extra protection over ordinary plugs.
  • Patch cables have low capacitance cable design with dense copper shield and are perfect for use with effect pedals.

Instrument Cable

Single Conductor

05 ft. – RM45
10 ft. – RM57
15 ft. – RM60
20 ft. – RM71

Instrument Cable

Right Angle Single Conductor

10 ft. – RM57
20 ft. – RM71

Patch Cable

SIngle Conductor

1 ft. – RM37
3 ft. – RM49

Patch Cable

Right Angle SIngle Conductor

.5 ft. – RM26
1 ft. – RM37
3 ft. – RM48

Patch Cable

Right Angle Single Conductor


0.5 ft. (3-pack) – RM71

Microphone Cable

XLR Male to XLR Female


10 ft. – RM79
25 ft. – RM91
50 ft. – RM190

1/4`` Speaker Cable


5 ft. – RM54

DIY Solderless Pedalboard Cable Kit

Custom cut cable to suit your pedal board’s layout. The plugs and cables in this kit are specially designed for quick and reliable assembly. Just measure, cut, screw, and you’re done.

This solderless cable kit is the ultimate solution for custom wiring pedal boards, rack gear, and your entire layout from guitar to amp. Say goodbye to messy, unreliable wiring and say hello to custom cut cable lengths that perfectly suit your needs, with plugs and cables that provide the most accurate and reliable sound reproduction, from guitar to amp, and all points in between.

  • Includes 10 ft. of cable, 10 right-angled 1/4″ plugs
  • Solderless plugs connect to cable in seconds, creating exact, required lengths easily
  • 24k gold-plated plugs for improved signal flow and corrosion resistance
  • Cable features a 24-gauge oxygen-free copper conductor in a low capacitance design with two layers of impenetrable shielding
  • Includes mini cable cutter and screwdriver


Single Adapter

1/4`` Male Stereo to 1/8`` Female Stereo



Single Adapter

XLR Male to 1/4`` Female Balanced



Single Adapter

1/4`` Male Balanced to XLR Female



Single Adapter

SpeakOn Female to 1/4`` Female Mono



Dual Adapter

1/8`` Male Stereo to Dual RCA Female



Dual Adapter

1/8`` Male Stereo to Dual 1/8`` Female St.



Coupler Adapter

1/4`` Male Mono



Coupler Adapter

XLR Female



Coupler Adapter

1/4`` Female Stereo



Mini Cable

Dual RCA to Stereo