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Zildjian Matt Greiner Asia Tour Clinic



Matt Greiner plays drums in the band, August Burns Red. His parents told him that he started playing drums when he was 6 months old!!  When he was a little older he would take pots and pans out of the cabinet and set them up on the kitchen floor and play drum beats.

He took piano lessons from age 10 until he was 15. Even though he didn’t enjoy taking weekly lessons at the time he found he would benefit from it in more ways than he could imagine later on down the road. After 5 years of piano lessons, he convinced his parents at age 15 to allow him to buy a snare drum that he could play on. Perhaps a selling point was the fact that a snare drum in the basement was better than his hands making noise on the kitchen table for 3 meals per day.

He spent about a year working on single strokes on that snare drum, mostly because he wasn’t aware that any other rudiments existed! His Dad told me him that if  he stuck with it and was still playing on that snare drum after a year, that he would be allowed to purchase his first drum-set. At age 16 he bought a used Kit with a glitzy chrome wrap.

In 2003, he started August Burns Red with two friends from Manheim Central High school. They practiced at every opportunity in his parent’s basement.

There were a few drumming heroes that became crucial influences in his playing through the years. A band called Blind Influence practiced down the street from his house and he would attend their weekly Sunday practices at the drummer Joe’s home. He remember sitting on his couch watching his every movement and creative drum fills and going home inspired to play for hours.

Matt decided early on that he was going to play drums the way he felt they could/should be played. He kept adding cymbals to his setup and utilized them in such a way that they became an important part of his sound as a drummer.

Soon after, August Burns Red began writing their own songs and playing shows in the Pennsylvania region. They signed to Solid State Records in 2005 and recorded their first full-length record in Nashville. They toured for up to 9 months out of the year from 2005 until 2014 and signed a new record deal with Fearless Records, in time for the release of their 2015 CD, “Found In Far Away Places.”

Matt has performed with August Burns Red in over 40 countries, 6 continents, and about 1700 shows.

His philosophy – Practice hard, create your own sound, and use your gift to the best of your ability and for the enjoyment of others.

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